Plan Sponsors

Designing the Right Plan
for Your Employees

PCA Has Over 40 Years of Experience in Retirement Plan Design.

We realize that each client is unique and may have varying needs in the manner in which their Qualified Retirement Plan is designed. Our knowledgeable consultants can customize a retirement plan that will meet the goals and objectives of your organization and its participants.

PCA Can Provide Fully Bundled Programs or Stand Alone Plans

These plan design strategies may include:

  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • Age Weighted
  • Permitted Disparity
  • New Comparability

If you are an employer that works on Davis Bacon or Federal Prevailing Wage projects, a Prevailing Wage Retirement Plan, Hour Bank, HRA, or HSA can help you and your employees.

Employers reduce your Labor burden and bid your contracts more effectively. Employees are helped to secure their future and help manage a continuation of their benefits.

Prevailing Wage contributions can be used in bono fide plans including, but not limited to:

  • Retirement Plans - Employer QNEC contributions create a retirement plan for a secure future. Reduce and eliminate FICA, FUTA, SUTA on Prevailing Wage Contributions to your qualified plan.
  • Medical Health Plans - Employer contributions of the fringe to an Hour Bank Health Program can secure benefits during cyclical layoff periods for your employees.
  • Medical Health Plans - Health Reimbursement Accounts, Flexible Benefits, HSAs, allow for Fringe contributions to grow benefits.
  • Tax Deferral and/or tax advantage accounts for long term growth and security.
  • Processing for Distributions, Loans & Terminations
  • Governmental Testing (i.e. ADP/ACP, Top Heavy, 415, 402(g), etc…)

ERISA Legal Services

PCA’s Legal Department is comprised of dedicated professionals ready to assist in drafting and maintaining Qualified Retirement and Non-Qualified Plans.

Discussing work items

PCA offers a range of Plan Documents to meet your organizations needs including:

  • Prototype (standardized/non-standardized) Documents
  • Volume Submitter Documents

PCA provides Plan Administration for all types of qualified plans such as:

  • 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Cash Balance
  • Defined Benefit
  • Prevailing Wage

Whether your organization requires a new or restated Plan Document or an amendment to your existing plan, PCA’s dedicated team of professionals will diligently follow through to assure you are fully compliant with IRS regulations.

Financial Education

At Pension Corporation of America®, we have developed an Employee Education & Communication Program, which will provide the following:

  • A clear understanding of the plan and its benefits
  • A recognition of the value of the company sponsorship
  • An appreciation of the importance to save for retirement
  • A clear understanding and appreciation of an investment program

High level employee participation is the goal of the education and communication program. Informed employees understand the benefits of participating in tax advantaged, employer-sponsored savings programs.

Employee Education & Communication packages are personally tailored to your company’s needs. These programs include:

  • Upfront:
    • Group Enrollment Meetings
    • Custom Enrollment Booklets
    • Model Investment Portfolios
    • Custom Presentations
    • Individual One-On-One Enrollment Meetings
    • Personalized Retirement Planning Worksheets
  • Ongoing
    • Website Portal Access
    • Participant/Employer Newsletters
    • Participant Statements Including General Education
    • Annual Group Education Seminars

A member of our team will be assigned to your plan. An on-going communications schedule will be established to consistently meet your goals. In addition, your Pension Corporation of America® Plan Representative will be available to assist you as needed.

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Payroll Services

PCA offers employers the opportunity to streamline data collection by offering completely integrated payroll services. 360 Integrated Payroll and 180 Integrations are available with multiple payroll providers.

360 Retirement Integration