Pension Corporation of America of Cincinnati (PCA) provides Third Party Administration (TPA) and Record-keeping services for retirement plans as authorized and engaged by a named Plan Sponsor Administrator.

Plan Sponsors may choose to also engage other outside services providers in operation of their retirement plan. These outside service providers may include, but are not limited to; Investment Brokers, Registered Investment Advisors, Auditors, Consultants, Lawyers, and the like; of whom will operate as engaged in the scope and operation of a named Plan Sponsor Administrator's retirement plan. Any disclosures related to services specifically provided by an outside service provider named above or otherwise not named above, must be obtained directly from those entities.

In certain cases, a Plan Sponsors may choose to engage investment service providers that may be considered a related party to Pension Corporation of America of Cincinnati (PCA) through an ownership or agency relationship.

Please find links below to investment, trading, and Privacy disclosures to related companies of Pension Corporation of America of Cincinnati.

These entities include, but may not be limited to:

L.M. Kohn & Company, a Registered Broker Dealer and Investment Advisory Firm.

PCA Investment Advisory Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.