A Unique Partnership

PCA offers employers and advisors the ability to mitigate fiduciary liability and streamline the collection of remittance process by offering completely integrated payroll services.

PCA can be an ERISA Section 3(16) fiduciary and act as THE plan administrator. Responsibilities include managing the day-to-day operation of the plan. The duties of the plan administrator are set by ERISA and the terms of the plan document. A delegated 3(16) plan administrator is an outsourced HR function that may save the client time and liability, relieving many of the administrative burdens associated with sponsoring a plan.

PCAIAS can act as a Co-Fiduciary Advisor. A Co-Fiduciary is an Independent Advisor hired to assist with the implementation of a “Prudent Process”. Advises client on selection and monitoring of funds offered in the plan. Plan Sponsor Fiduciaries make all final investment decisions and remain primarily responsible and liable.

PCAIAS can act as a Discretionary Fiduciary Advisor. A Fiduciary Advisor is an Independent discretionary consultant that accepts full fiduciary status and responsibility for decisions on the Plan’s investments. Investment Advisor becomes the primary fiduciary and therefore, is primarily responsible for the underlying investments. ERISA provides substantial protection or a “safe harbor” for Plan Sponsors using a 3(38) investment consultant; therefore, relieving the Plan Sponsor of the responsibility and potential liability.

PCA works with clients to provide customized record keeping solutions. In many cases, this results in simplified retirement plan administration through unified record keeping and payroll data, which automates the flow of critical employee information. PCA can integrate and automate with multiple payroll companies including 360 and 180 Integration with our strategic partners.

Plan Sponsors need ERISA Bonds to meet requirements for plan compliance as required by the Department of Labor and IRS. PCA has a strategic partnership with Colonial Surety to offer ERISA and Fiduciary bond services. Plan Sponsors receive a 10% discount on bonding when using our partnership referral code. Please select the links to receive a quote and immediately secure your plan bonding.