Financial Wellness – It’s Essential to Saving for Retirement

Introducing a workplace retirement plan can be a compelling way for emplyees to take control of their retirement savings, but for so many people that don't have control of their personal financial situation, the retirement plan at work doesn't have a chance to be successful without a helping hand and tools to achieve financial wellness.

We tend to talk about retirement plans in a vacuum what it is and why it's important, but there is a real need to connect it to people's lives. Otherwise, when speaking with your employees, they may nod at you as if they understand what you're saying, but will have no idea how to implement retirement saving strategies. If they have credit card debt or don't know where their money is going each month, they won't be able to contribute to even the best-designed plan.

As a business owner, you know just how important debt management, credit card responsibility, and emergency funds are to a stable financial future, and at the same time, you're likely aware of how difficult it is for many people to establish a plan to make it happen.

There isn't a silver bullet to financial wellness, but it's important to recognize that part of good retirement plan design is ensuring that the people for whom it's designed can take advantage of it. We bring our experience and knowledge to introduce programs that help people achieve better outcomes. And it's more important than ever.

A common plea for those having trouble saving for retirement is to cut back on eating out or brew your coffee at home instead of splurging for the $5 latte. But it's not that simple. A recent study showed that 6-in-10 people can't cover a $500 emergency expense without pulling out a credit card. If you're having trouble finding the funds to fix your car, it's just not realistic to contemplate putting an extra one percent of your pay into your 401(k).

Many employees need guidance - and help - because they don't just need the opportunity to contribute to a 401(k), they need the capacity to take advantage of it. That's where financial wellness programs can make an important difference. These programs take many forms - from online tools to smartphone apps to in-person seminars. The combination can be compelling with the right delivery.

Talk to us about how we can create effective programs to talk with your employees and communicate more effectively about improving their financial health. It's a great step toward helping your team members achieve the retirement they deserve.

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